The revolutionary solution to your energy conversion

The digital
circulating rainshower



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10 seconds of contact per drop of water.
The key to comfort showering, green living and green driving.

Care in comfort

1.4 litres a minute

8 x less than a rainshower
4 x less than an economy shower

Imagine e-Shower

Imagine that you want to live and drive in an eco-friendly way. And you know that your daily 10 minute shower amounts to the same energy use per year as driving 10,000 km in an e-car. And you would like to use this huge amount of energy spent showering for driving or central heating. Not by taking a skimpy economy shower but a lovely rainshower instead.

This dream is called Hamwells e-shower. It offers delightful showering, green living and green driving and its investment pays for itself with a cheaper source of heat hence huge savings on water, energy and/or fuel. Those opting for solar panels can now live virtually energy neutral.

In principle. The e-Shower circulates 10 shower contact seconds of filtered water from a container which is continually freshened. That saves so much water and energy that it works with a hot water storage tank, the smallest central heating boiler or heat pump and saves up to the equivalent energy of 10 solar panels.

Energy performance certified existing residential building

Freshcycles hygiene

10 seconds of contact per drop

What makes FreshCycles unique?

The e-Shower circulates purified water from a small container which is so rapidly freshened that after 10 seconds of contact, the water is replaced. Patented innovations prevent contact with drainage water and the fresh water supply to the pump. The patented Auto-Clean cycle keeps the e-Shower sparkling clean. The short contact time and the many hygiene features make the shower unique.

FreshCycles CyclusTM

1. Safe start. The SmartStop drops automatically and separates the mini-reservoir from the drainage. This starts a safe, clean cycle.
2. Warm water flows into the reservoir and keeps the temperature constant.
3. The smart Micro-Filter blocks hair and dirt. Digital dirt detection automatically stops the cycle and activates an alert for cleaning.
4. The pump with its in-flow sensor gives its own high water pressure. An in-flow temperature sensor gives feedback to the thermostat.
5. The digital thermostat with its Hot Water injection maintains an exact temperature. LED coloured feedback (red/blue).
6. The UVC-lamp continually purifies the water. The digital sensor activates a warning in the event of a malfunction.
7. Continuous fresh water. Used water continually flows over the SmartStop to the drain. After 10 seconds of contact, the water is fresh.

Auto-Clean Cyclus

A. Backwash. After this, the SmartStop lifts up and the system drains quickly. The filter is rinsed clean and conducts dirt to the drain.
B. The cleaning station contains cleaning vinegar and activates an alert when this needs topping up every two or three months.
C. Three smart digital clean programs keep the whole system continually fresh and clean from biofilm, shampoo and lime scale.

4 people showering costs 40,000 e-km per year


Enjoy and half way around the world.

  • Circulating rainshower comfort
  • Your transition to Zero energy living
  • Halve the cost of heating installation
  • Save 70% on energy, 80% on water,
    1000-1400 L fuel per year

Energy transition: exchange hot tap water for electric kilometres

The energy from 2 litres of hot water at 60 degrees is equal to 1 electric e-car km.
Hot tap water accounts for one third of the total energy use of a sustainable household.
The e-Shower works with a 50 litre hot water tank instead of a 200 litre one.
Energy saved - 20,000 km or more per year - can be used for e-Bikes or e-cars.
That saves 1000 to 14000 litres of fuel per year and €1,500 to €2,100 per year.

Top quality guaranteed for many years of carefree enjoyment.

  • VDL assembles the e-Shower. VDL is a Dutch company which also assembles for BMW and MINI to the highest standards.
  • Hamwells works with top European companies with tried-and-tested components of the highest quality requirements.
  • The silent pump comes from the largest pump suppliers in the world and has a 20 year continuous use reliability reputation.
  • IP67 waterproof electronics. IP67 is the highest standard for waterproofness. After half an hour under water the e-Shower still works perfectly.
  • DARE!! Independent testing for electric and electronic safety.
  • The e-Shower is double-earthed and guarantees safe showering.
  • CE- Independently tested to all NEN standards.
  • EPC-certificate with the highest efficiency in the world.
  • Guarantee. The e-Shower offers, as standard, a 2 year guarantee. A 3 year extra guarantee is optional.