The revolutionary solution to your energy conversion


Active design Heat Recovery Shower
High design circular rain shower

Up to 70% energy reuse of shower energy results in 70% smaller system solutions for hot water production! 50 litre boiler and three solar panels & e-Shower

Care in comfort

1.4 litre/minute

8x less than a rain shower
4x less than a savings shower

Imagine e-Shower

Normal shower comfort and sustainable building are a difficult combination. In heavy isolated houses is not heat but hot tap water – with the shower taken the lion part- such a big bottleneck that shower time and low flow showerheads are offered at a minimum level. Looking sustainable, but certainly not experiencing as sustainable comfort. Current solutions demand heat pumps and large boiler systems with many solar panels for energy compensation.

Hamwells offers two design solutions that just make simple sense. The two e-Shower systems reuse 70% of the energy with the result that the sustainable energy production system can be 70% smaller in dimension. It results in the highest COP performance of 3.75, the most compact PV-powered boiler and the smallest solar roof at the lowest cost in purchase, installation and in use. Revolutionary shower comfort with a compact, silent, simple installation which offers an alternative for the heat pump and large boiler systems.


200 litre boiler + 9 solar panels + heat pump


50 litre boiler + 3 solar panels + e-Shower

Compliant building to new European standards with Hamwells system1.

1. The highest System-COP with the smalles boiler makes Hamwells up to 30% lower in price and in daily use

2. Future proof building. The new regulations (BENG) demand that 50% of the building energy sustainable is produced with solar panels. Hamwells offers the smallest roof whilst easily comply tot he strictes standards.

e-Shower HOMESPA

high-design circular rain shower

e-Shower HOMESPA. Shower from a tiniest bath. Circular rain shower offers 15 litre/minute high pressure comfort. The shower water is contained in a mini reservoir of just 1,5 litre which completely is separated from the drain. Constant filtering purification and constant refreshed water circulates water 10 contact seconds instead of just 1 second of use. Rain shower comfort with 4 times less use than a low flow showerhead with a system COP of 3.75.

e-Shower BLUE

active design Heat Recovery Shower

e-Shower BLUE. World first active design heat recovery shower reuses only the energy and offers a robust solution. Unique an with 6 patents supported Heat recovery Installation with integrated mini-booster in the shower panel. Direct hot start efficiency, fast installation and simple cleaning for guaranteed efficiency of just 1,5 litre boiler per minute by unique System COP of 4! Available from September 2019.

Top quality guaranteed for years of carefree enjoyment.

  • The Hamwells e-Shower HomeSpa is proudly produced by VDL (the only Dutch manufacturer of cars for BMW) under ISO9001 and ISO140001 quality control.
  • Hamwells works together with highly specialized suppliers within Europe and Asia for sourcing tried and tested components.
  • The silent internal pump has a proven track record of more than 20 years of reliable reputation.
  • The Hamwells e-Shower HomeSpa is completely waterproof including all internal components.
  • Hamwells has its e-Shower HomeSpa independently tested for electrical safety by several acknowledged Dutch auditing firms.
  • The Hamwells e-Shower HomeSpa complies to the very strict CE regulations, amongst others the NEN-EN-IEC 60335 and 55014.
  • The e-Shower HomeSpa is independently audited by KIWA to validate the very low consumption of water and energy.
  • Our e-Shower HomeSpa complies with strict regulations from both the Dutch and Belgium water institutions. Hamwells is proud to have the BL-K14011 and Belgaqua certificates.
  • We have an EPC certificate that proves the highest energy efficiency of any recuperating shower system.
  • We offer a standard 2 year warranty on our products and an optional extended 3 year guarantee (extended guarantee possible in The Netherlands only).
Download the declaration of conformity Has energy performance certificate existing residential building