purchase circular shower

Centuries old idea, brand new hygiene and real sustainable complete concept

Recirculation shower have been around for centuries. But if the idea is that old, what is it that makes the e-Shower so special? And what do we have to consider when purchasing a circular system?

This checklist is necessary because circular shower have only been making a breakthrough since 2000 and there’s hardly any regulation. Why choose the e-Shower? Without a daily cleaning system circular showers get stained due to lime deposit and biofilm. The e-Shower contains 6 patented solutions to ensure a consistently clean and hygienic shower. The e-Shower is unique as a sustainable digital complete system that will work with the smallest of water heaters and the lowest usage of water and energy for true energy efficient building.


Solid quality

Quality for the infrastructure of a home is a hard condition. Hamwells therefore works with international suppliers and products with decades of proven quality assurance. In addition, Hamwells has had audits of many months at test institutes, hotels, system vendors and official, independent inspection bodies.

Solid quality and long term warranty e-Shower
Hygienic open architecture that can dispense of condensation? Yes
Use of system components with proven quality through years of usage? Yes
Glass technology? Stainless steel frame with layered glass from European top suppliers? Yes
Safe? The strictest international standard for protection against water and dust (IP67)? Yes
Electronics? Has the supplier been supplying top European companies for over 30 years? Yes
Pump? Heavy duty, European made pump with a 20 years proven life expectancy? Yes
Certification? Completely KIWA and CE certified? Yes
Production? Assembled by an (inter) nationally recognized company (VDL)? Yes
Warranty? Up to 5 years full warranty? Yes

Continuously safe and hygienic system

Circulating showers are all about hygiene (the Romans already knew how to recirculate). Thet water has to start out clean and should avoid contact with sources of contamination. therefore Check:

Clean, hygienic system design avoids contamination e-Shower
Is contact between circulating water and the drain being prevented? Yes
Is contact between circulating water and the drain plug being prevented? Yes
Is contact between smart stop and the drain being prevented? Yes
Is a dirt collecting grate above the circulation reservoir avoided? Yes
Is dirt collecting being prevented in filters and circulation pipes? Yes
Is all microfiltration being done BEFORE circulating? Yes
Is the UVC housing designed without sharp corners to prevent standing water? Yes
To protect the mains water quality, an air gap between the mains and the circulation system is required by law. This protects the mains, but might contaminate the shower. Yes
Is placing the air gap near an open, contaminating conduit being avoided? Yes
Is placing the air gap near the pump being avoided? Yes

Self cleaning system & active hygiene requirements

Classic circulating showers foul up due to staining from soap residue and lime which can leave a biofilm in the pump, pipes and UVC housing. The e-Shower guarantees continuous automatic cleaning of the system to prevent build up of limescale and biofilm:

Self-cleaning system with active hygiene e-Shower
Are sensors continuously checking the cleaning station, filter, pipes and UVC light? Yes
Is an integrated cleaning station, equipped with detergent,s present to automatically clean the system? Yes
Are there active cleaning programs: Quick Clean, Descale and Deep clean? Yes
Is there an automated daily cleaning program? Yes
Is the descaling dosage adjustable? Yes
Is there a logging option for legionnaires prevention? Yes

Clean in an instant?

The filter is a vital component and has quick and simple cleaning is essential. Check:

Primary safety and hygiene microfilter e-Shower
Is dirt accumulation due to filtration inside the circulation circuit being avoided? Yes
Is microfiltration done before the circulation circuit? Yes
Is the microfiltration level at most at 200 microns (lower number is better)? Yes
Is there a low flow filtration surface to prevent dirt accumulation? Yes
Is the filter removable and easy to rinse? Yes
Is the filter dishwasher proof? Yes
Is there a warning indicator for a clogged up filter? Yes
Is there a warning indicator for a misaligned filter? Yes
Is there a mechanism to prevent circulation without a filter? Yes

Start and enjoy within 10 seconds?

Startup time, no waiting time and quick temperature adjustment are essential for ease of use. The smart e-Shower can offer great comfort due to the smallest possible reservoir, the large SmartStop and digitally controlled hot water injection. Check:

Reaction speed, measurable in seconds e-Shower
Does the circulation shower start up within 10 seconds, so you can immediately enjoy it? Yes
Does the system drain within 10 seconds, ensuring fast switches in shower mode without delay? Yes
Can a one degree (celsius) change in temperature be achieved within 10 seconds? Yes
Does the system react within seconds to a temperature increase (eg. from 37 to 42 degrees celsius)? Yes
Does the system react within seconds to a temperature decrease (eg. from 42 to 37 degrees celsius)? Yes
Does the system regulate the temperature within tenths of degrees? Yes

Lowest water and energy usage

Circulating showers are, by definition, efficient in water usage. De default methods of measurement assume a static water temperature, but the e-Shower also performs efficiently with variable temperatures. The smart e-Shower contains several innovations to ensure the lowest TOTAL usage of both energy and water and will work with the smallest of heating systems.

Water usage and heating systems e-Shower
Static heat recovery value compared to similar systems (Official measurement by Dutch water authorothies) 81%
Warm water usage in recirculation mode 1.4 l/min
Cold water usage in recirculation mode 0 l/min
System efficiency : total amount of water in reservoir and pipe system 4.15 liter
Dynamic efficiency : water and energy for a one degree temperature increase 0.14 liter
Total efficiency: warm water usage for an 8 minutes circular shower with fixed temperature 12.5 liter
Total efficiency: cold water usage for an 8 minutes circular shower with fixed temperature 1.5 liter
Combined water usage – warm and cold – for an 8 minutes circular shower with fixed temperature 14 liter

Digital comfort?

Digital control is no frills, but necessity for quick start and response to user requirements, LED control of all vital functions, cleaning programs and monitoring for ZERO residences.

Digital comfort e-Shower
Straightforward touch control with feedback? Yes
Electronic thermostat with in-flow precise temperature control? Yes
Automatic cleaning programs? Yes
Automatic feedback on water and energy usage? Yes
Automatic LED-indication on all critical functions like filter maintenance and reservoir levels? Yes
Automatic control of the SmartStop, automatic switch hand shower /circulation shower? Yes
Automatic safety switch on unsafe temperatures plus automatic reset to default temperature? Yes
Adjustable default temperature and start mode (circular shower or hand shower)? Yes
Programmable information (such as weather forecast)? Yes
Digital monitoring capabilities for ZERO energy houses? Yes
Timer function options? Yes