Sustainable comfort.

Using only 1.5 litre per minute.

FreshCycle™ Technology

The e-Shower offers a choice between FreshCycles and a classic shower. The classic shower uses a low flow showerhead, and works just like a traditional shower: the water is drained after just one use. The FreshCycles filter, purify and use a water drop about 9 times. They provide high pressure, high volume showers, whilst saving up to 80% on energy and 90% on water.

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Designed for you and yours

The e-Shower is designed with perfect harmony between technology and aesthetics. It looks good in every bathroom, and suit a wide variety of needs. That’s why we came with multiple models and a variety of options. The e-Shower is touch controlled, and can be integrated into the floor and the wall.

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Real people
Serious savings

A traditional shower can represent as much as 30% of your energy and water use. By installing an e-Shower, families make a great leap towards sustainability. We invited some of our users to share their experience and savings.

Heart of the sustainable home

A regular shower demands so much warm water that you need big, expensive heating equipment. The e-Shower removes this demand. Now, a little heating capacity will be enough for unlimited shower time, This revolution makes the sustainable home much more affordable.

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Nature will love your e-Shower

A traditional shower uses 100 liters per session.
This is a big waste of drinking water, energy and money. You can now enjoy abundant showers at a fraction of the costs to you and our planet. Perhaps you’ve got to change some shower habits, but nature will love you for it.

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Designed & made in
the Netherlands

Safety and hygiene are not just important, they are the very first conditions. That’s why we had the e-Shower comply with the strictest European norms. This way you can enjoy without a care in the world. We also engineered it for quick and easy installation.

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