e-ShowerTM BLUE

World first active design Heat Recovery shower panel

By pre-subscription first commercial series from Q3 2019

Meet the e-shower blue

  • hand shower and head shower 7 litre/minute
  • fast and simple installation Heat Recovery shower panel
  • fast and simple maintenance for guaranteed high performance
  • high energy recovery offers unique high System-COP of 4 (meaning all the energy needed as input for the system offers an output of 4 more heat)
  • unique ultra-compact infrastructure of 50 litre PV-powered boiler en 3 PV-panels
  • 85% sustainable powered, compliant to the strictest European building regulations

The e-Shower Blue is the first active design Heat Recovery shower panel.

A beautiful slim design but indestructible robust concept suitable for every (rent)house or sportfacility. Easy to install, simple and fast cleaning and maintenance and with a unique high efficient System-COP of 4. Supported by 6 patents it offers entrance to super compact installations of just 50 litre for 4 persons (8 minutes/pp) powered by just 3 PV-panels. The e-Shower is easy compliant with the strictest building regulations (BENG) demanding that 50% of the buildings own energy must be sustainable energy powered by the houseroof.


  • In build panel
  • Boiler usage between 1.4 and 1.8 litre/min
  • HOT start, direct heat recovery
  • Solar Power : 3 panels offering 9 months 100% energy boiler
  • 50 litre PV-powered boiler
  • 100% hot tap water solution forl household due to short recovery time bolerer
  • Just 5 cm in buld depth floor (incl. water sifon!)
  • 200 micron filter / 1 x week easy clean
  • Q3 2019 shipment in order of pre-subscription


Measurement e-Shower Blue
Ca. 100 x 40 x 15 cm
Placement & Type
In build shower panel
Power (net)
100 - 240VAC /50-60Hz
Earth leakage circuit breaker

Explanation operation active Heat Recovery - shower

  1. Cold water flows to the PV-powered boiler and to the HR- shower panel
  2. Water pressure forces the incoming water from bottom to top external pipe
  3. Hot shower water spirals in internal pipe heating the cold water in external pipe
  4. The pre-heated water flows through min-booster to thermostat
  5. The thermostat mixes the boiler water with pre-heated water to shower temperature
  6. The shower water flows to the shower head and is recovered in tiny, flat reservoir
  7. The pump sucks up the reservoir and forces the hot shower water to top nternal pipe of the heat exchange
  8. Extracted form heat, old shower water flows into the drain


COP means Coëfficiënt of Performance, or the efficiency between input (the amount of energy needed for apparatus) and the output (the performance of heat recovery). Heat pumps offer a COP of 3 for heating up boiler water to 50 degrees, but the System-COP the efficiency for shower water is strong reduced to 2,5 since 2 litre boiler water is needed for 1litre cold water offering 3 litres water shower temperature. De e-Shower BLUE needs the energy of the pump and booster but is recovering so much energy from the shower water that the system efficiency s extremely high. De BLUE needs just 1 liter boiler water to heat 3 liter (heat recovered) water to 4 shower water and so offers a system COP of 4. In terms of energy balance the Hamwells Blue uses half the energy than a heat pump with large boiler.