The revolutionary solution to your energy conversion

The digital
circulating rainshower



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10 seconds of contact per drop of water.
The key to comfort showering, green living and green driving.


Visual design is vital. It creates space and rest and aids convenience. The design is sleek, functional and was constructed in close consultation with water experts.

The technical design has been thought through to the smallest cleaning detail for the super efficient reuse of water. A large number of technical innovations have been implemented for sustainable and lasting hygiene. 27 digital functions and programs safeguard the cleaning cycle, comfort and safe hygiene.

The HOME-button with dynamic (red/blue) LED-feedback serves the e-Shower. ON/OFF and a dial for the digital thermostat. Simple, beautiful and intuitive.

The lightweight cover (optional) above the mini-reservoir is deliberately without a grid and thus prevents dirt build-up. It’s cleaned in a jiffy just like the reservoir.

Large touch-button operation with 5 indicators for all the important functions with on-screen illustration to give direct feedback.

Freshcycles hygiene

10 seconds of contact per drop

What makes FreshCycles unique?

The e-Shower circulates purified water from a small container which is so rapidly freshened that after 10 seconds of contact, the water is replaced. Patented innovations prevent contact with drainage water and the fresh water supply to the pump. The patented Auto-Clean cycle keeps the e-Shower sparkling clean. The short contact time and the many hygiene features make the shower unique.

FreshCycles CyclusTM

1. Safe start. The SmartStop drops automatically and separates the mini-reservoir from the drainage. This starts a safe, clean cycle.
2. Warm water flows into the reservoir and keeps the temperature constant.
3. The smart Micro-Filter blocks hair and dirt. Digital dirt detection automatically stops the cycle and activates an alert for cleaning.
4. The pump with its in-flow sensor gives its own high water pressure. An in-flow temperature sensor gives feedback to the thermostat.
5. The digital thermostat with its Hot Water injection maintains an exact temperature. LED coloured feedback (red/blue).
6. The UVC-lamp continually purifies the water. The digital sensor activates a warning in the event of a malfunction.
7. Continuous fresh water. Used water continually flows over the SmartStop to the drain. After 10 seconds of contact, the water is fresh.

Auto-Clean Cyclus

A. Backwash. After this, the SmartStop lifts up and the system drains quickly. The filter is rinsed clean and conducts dirt to the drain.
B. The cleaning station contains cleaning vinegar and activates an alert when this needs topping up every two or three months.
C. Three smart digital clean programs keep the whole system continually fresh and clean from biofilm, shampoo and lime scale.

Quick start/stop. No waiting time

The e-Shower has quick start and drainage times. This seems self-evident but circulating showers have a reservoir and a pump house that must be filled. Therefore the smart e-Shower has a little mini reservoir with an integrated pump which makes both the pump and the small reservoir fill quickly with a minimal amount of water.

This saves water, energy and… showering time. Because during rush hour you don’t want to lose time waiting.

The mini-reservoir’s emptying cycle is also quick as lightening. Due to the SmartStop’s wide opening and the small volume in the system, the backwash is gone in 10 seconds. The total volume of the system, both mini-reservoir, pump and circulation channel is just 3 litres. This ultra small volume makes using the e-Shower super efficient and extremely quick.

Start and enjoy within 10 seconds


Press: On- off
Turn: Temperature


Press the bottom left side Choose between classic shower and FreshCycles.


Enjoy a high-pressure rainshower with continuous fresh water


If a temperature higher than 38 degrees is required a safety feature is enabled. Press UNLOCK and you can raise the temperature. Afterwards the e-Shower automatically resumes to 38C.

Touch glass

The e-Shower is touch-operated with a screen and monitors - just like on a car’s dashboard - all the e-Shower’s vital functions such as alerts to top up cleaning agents or to clean the micro filter. The screen can be programmed with a child lock and/or blocked for hotel guests, as desired.

The basic functions are two touch controls

  • Change between e-Shower rainshower and hand shower
  • Temperature safety (see image)

The other functions are settings for cleaning programs and cleaning frequency which are very much dependent on intensity of use and chalk build-up. As well as these there are start temperature, hand shower and rainshower settings.

An on-line weather forecast while showering is handy so you can decide which clothes to wear. This weather forecast is also your indication as to whether your e-Shower is well-connected to the internet so that all the information for the the maintenance schedule is logged.

Safe! No contact with the drain.

The e-Shower has a unique, patented invention of the SmartStop. This unique stopper guarantees an automatic barrier between the reservoir and the drainage. This is essential for safety and it prevents contamination. The SmartStop also serves as an overflow for surplus water to the drain. The SmartStop is of course detachable and simple to keep clean. The SmartStop is a ground level system instead of a delicate underfloor mechanism. So you don’t have to break up the floor in the event of a malfunction and everything is easily reachable.

The SmartStop is a unique patented breakthrough for circulatory showers. The barrier to the drain makes the circulation safe and the overflow function avoids the need for a separate drainage channel. The wide transit makes for a fast discharge and it’s cleaned in a jiffy.


Air Gap above - not cleanable - water pipes


Air Gap above open reservoir with auto-cleaning


Air Gap above open sink with cleaning

Safe! No open channel!

The tap above your sink cannot touch the water in the sink. The law stipulates that there must be an air buffer or AIR GAP to prevent contact contamination between water in the wash basin and the outside water system. The e-Shower - just like your wash basin- has an AIR GAP above the open reservoir. This is a safe solution and so there is no risk of legionella or contamination. Hence the e-Shower is 100% safe. This solution requires digital water injection with a temperature sensor in the pump and is a Hamwell’s patent.

Circulating showers with a pump above the reservoir have to resolve this AIR GAP with an open channel such as water supply to the pump. An open channel is a source of contamination and growth of bacteria like legionella. Therefore these solutions are prohibited in hotels, B&Bs and schools because of the danger of infection. This rule does not apply to private use but in the case of circulatory showers always ask your installer or builder about the AIR GAP.

In The Netherlands KIWA checks the performance of the AIR GAP. The KIWA quality stamp declares that the appliance is not a danger to public water supply. The KIWI-KEUR does not apply to the safe interior use of the appliance.

The miracle of the
ingenious micro filter

Hamwell’s engineers with the help of water experts have been doing research for years on this crucial filter that satisfies many contradictory requirements. Sturdy but feather light. Hermetically sealed to the pump but easily detachable. It blocks the tiniest micro parts but is not easily clogged. In addition sensors monitor water safety. Hence a placement sensor checks the filter connection, it has self-directing magnetic positioning and automatic dirt detection. It is a miracle of ingenuity.

1. Unique large, fine-meshed micro filter surface with many advantages.

It prevents micro particle deposits in the circulation system, it avoids the need for a second filter thus only one filter has to be cleaned. The large surface of the filter also prevents a rapid build-up of dirt and makes for an easy, weekly cleaning cycle. Automatic dirt detection gives a warning if the filter gets blocked.

2. Unique quick cleaning

The e-Shower has a blocking filter and not an accumulative filter. This guarantees that the cycle stays clean. Because of the large low flow micro filter surface, dirt lies against the filter where it is easily rinsed and quickly cleaned. A large surface gives a - low flow - rate whereby particles lie against the filter. This prevents dirt getting sucked into the filter, accumulating and being difficult to clean.


3. Unique AIR GAP function for safe and responsive showering.

The filter house has two separate chambers. A filter chamber and an AIR GAP chamber which carries the hot water injection under the reservoir to the filter. Therefore the e-Shower is very responsive and can react quickly using very little water to the desired temperature.

Clean in a jiffy

  • Patented. All the photos show unique inventions for sustainable, safe and overall fast and simple cleaning.
  • Fill the reservoir two to three times a month
  • Scrub the SmartStop once a month
  • Scrub and rinse the micro filter once a week
  • Wipe the glass plate with a micro fibre cloth once a week

Smart cleaning programs

Back wash. After each use the e-Shower drains quickly and completely. The specially developed UVC-casing with a straight IN-LINE connection has no blind spots. There is no standing water in the pump and there are no pipes with stagnant water. There is less chance of legionella than with a classic shower. Three smart cleaning programs keep the e-Shower in perfect condition.

  1. Quick rinse: 15 seconds of cold rinse without vinegar cleaning agent, program as desired for every shower.
  2. Anti lime scale cleaning: 15 minute rinse with vinegar cleaning agent from the reservoir and pump house keeps the system crystal clear.
  3. Deep clean: Deep clean: Weekly hot water rinse from the shower head with vinegar cleaning agent, UVC-module, pump house and reservoir.

Patented: Hamwell’s cleaning programs. Only regular and automatic maintenance keeps a water- circulating shower safe and guaranteed clean. The e-Shower de-scales not only the reservoir but also the circulation system and prevents the build-up of soap and biofilm.

Beautiful on the outside and inside

Click on the pictures below for more information!

Classic shower

This economy shower carries water away directly via a completely separate drain.

Rainshower head

The rainshower head can be purchased in different sizes. Only use with FreshCycles.

UVC lamp

Purifies water during the FreshCyclesnet.

Touch glass screen

Thanks to a 7 “ screen with touch-sensitive buttons the e-Shower can be simply and intuitively operated.

HOME button

The dial/button switches the e-Shower on and off and changes the temperature.

Glass cover

The cover is easy to clean and remove for maintenance.

Cleaning reservoir

The cleaning reservoir contains vinegar with which the e-Shower cleans itself.

Silent pump

Sturdy silent pump with thermostat function. It supplies high pressure for the rainshower.


The mini-reservoir is completely separated from the drain by the SmartStop.

Micro filter

The micro filter blocks all the hairs and particles. Easily detached for separate cleaning.