Heart of the
sustainable building.

The challenge of peak capacity

The buildings of the future are smart and sustainable. All-electric, self-sufficient, zero-energy or energy plus, for every concept the biggest challenge is the availability of hot (shower) water. This is because regular showers ask a lot more from the hetating systems than other equipment in the house. That’s why you often have to choose between bigger systems or limited comfort. With the e-Shower, you’ll have both.

Smaller equipment
Affordable equipment

By including the e-Shower in your concept, you ensure the availability of warm water, regardless the length and frequency of showers. You don’t need big equiment anymore. Usage costs will be low. And degradation is limited. But more important for the user: comfort is expanded, not surrendered. And the sustainability goals are met with ease.

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Complete solutions

Hamwells knows how to save on energie, water and installations. Because you lack the need for peak capacity you can use the smallest and most efficient installations. This enables simple and affordable sustainable construction. And the comfort of the end-user increaes. Combine the e-Shower with an innovative warm water solution and profit twice!

e-Shower + Combi Compact

Total energy savings: 79%
Total water savings: 78%

e-Shower + Electric Boiler

Total energy savings: 61%
Total water savings: 78%

e-Shower + Solar boiler

Total energy savings: 84%
Total water savings: 78%

e-Shower + Heat pump boiler

Total energy savings: 88%
Total water savings: 78%

Insight in behaviour

Often, building performance is disrupted because of user behavior. Windows are left open. Airconditioners are active when it isn't necessary. Or the shower is on for too long, too often. The e-Shower shows you exactly how it is used, allowing you to address wasteful behaviour.

Score big on certification

Your building must be resource efficient. It has to use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It must also save money. Your certification level will depend on how your building is constructed, maintained and operated. The e-Shower makes for affordable construction, low maintenance, and even lower operating costs.