Zonnedaken worden de nieuwe standaard.

Nieuwe BENG norm: 50% eigen energieopwekking.

e-Shower mini-boiler geeft grote energiebesparing.


to 100% sustainable living

50 liter e-Shower boiler breaktrough for sustainable living with just 24 solarpanels

Hot tap water demands a lot of energy

With low energy building renovation the house heating demand lowers to 50% and with ZERO energy houses the share of house heating lowers to 25% of total energy. This makes the hot tap water to the biggest challenge with energy neutral building. The classic large boiler / low flow showerhead s by far the biggest consumer of water and energy - even with the heat pump - and demands up to 50% of total building energy. No one realizes that daily heating of a 200 liter boiler cost as much energy to drive around the world each year around the world!

Hamwells Home the lowest installation costs

The Trias Energetica is simple. What you do not have to heat on water, you do not have to create with energy. Instead of a 200 liter boiler the e-Shower works with a 50 liter mini-boiler and saves on average 9 solarpanels and a heat pump. So even with a smaller roof surface you become faster climate neutral with lower costs of installation than the big boiler / heat pump combination, whilst offerng more shower comfort and sound reduction and of course 80% of water reduction.

Towards 100% climate-neutral and green driving

With a Hamwells Passief Home the avarage boilerusage lowers to 15% of total buildng energy per year. With a relatve small high quality solarroof just 24 panels could strive for 100% climate neutral with 100% shower comfort. In fact this high quality solarroof would offer 8 months enough energy to drive from april to october daily free 100 a 200 km commuting wth an e-Car. What could be more fun!

Boiler energy for shower = 40.000 electric km/jaar

Each year around the world with boiler energy. 2 liter boiler water = 1 km electric e-Car A daily 10 minutes shower with an avarage low flow shower head of 10 liter/minute is an equivalent of 10.000 e-km/YEAR! Meaning 4 persons can each year drive around the world with an e-Car. Let's save that energy for other purposes with the e-Shower.

Energy for a large boiler = up to 50% energy consumption

Hamwells: revenue from solarpanels that are no longer needed for hot tapwater production The e-Shower with mini-boiler is extremely efficient whilst offering rainshower comfort with a total use of just 15 liter per 10 minutes. Compare that with a low comfort of a tiny low flow showerhead with a total use of 70 liter per 10 minutes. Besides the direct savings it are the energiecosts for hot water production. The heat pump is no longer needed and on avarage 9 solarpanelds less are needed - 30% tot 50% reduction - for hot water production.

e-Shower + mini-boiler = 10% to 15% building energy

Hamwells Home: 100% climate neutral goal The energy that s no longer needed for hot water production is now available for all other purposes. Wonderful shower comfort as key for 100% climate neutral living and saving pressious drinking water.

I would like to receive the official report about the e-Shower mini boiler efficiency for solar roofs.

(This will be available from the beginning of March 2018)