Blue, the sustainable shower

Traditionally, a shower disposes of its water without any kind of energy recovery. This is not sustainable because this water is still hot and therefore holds much energy. Our Blue system recovers most of that energy and uses it to preheat the cold water supply. This allows you to greatly reduce the hot water usage of your shower.

The Blue transfers the heat energy from the drained shower water to the cold water supply. This allows for an increase in temperature from 10°C to 28°C. Water that first was very cold is now almost at shower temperature! Extra hot water is added and you can enjoy an environmentally sustainable shower.

The Blue has an integrated heat recovery module

De techniek van de Blue van Hamwells

The Blue can transfer heat energy thanks to the integrated heat recovery module. This module is mounted directly behind the glass front panel. The optimized design of the special vortex inlets ensures that almost all energy from the drained water is recovered.

Once the Blue is installed, only the tempered glass panel and shower heads remain visible. As a user you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary, except that your energy bill will be much lower.

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The inner workings explained

The front panel of the Blue looks simple and actually, the inner workings are also simple. The Blue has a smart siphon that will know that there is water in the available and will automatically pump this water to the heat recovery module. This module transfers the heat energy to the cold tap water supply.

More about the technology

Taking a shower is simple

You have to go to work, the kids have to go to school and everyone needs to take a shower. The Blue gives you a hassle-free shower experience. It is an environmentally sustainable shower that will work just like any other shower: one handle to set the temperature and one to choose your shower head.

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