A comfortable, circular shower

The HomeSpa made by Hamwells is a comfortable shower.

You can choose for our efficient 15 liter model or the extra luxurious 25 liter per minute HomeSpa.

The HomeSpa also allows you to greatly save on water and energy.

So you can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable shower

HomeSpa 15

The HomeSpa 15 liter is a comfortable rain shower. It uses only one to two liters of water per minute. This is possible since every drop is used just a few seconds. Your family can shower comfortable from a very small hot-water infrastructure.

HomeSpa 25

The HomeSpa 25 has a large flow. This version of the HomeSpa has a large shower head and special pump. Because of this the HomeSpa 25 has almost twice as much water. You can however shower without sense of guilt. This HomeSpa uses very little hot water.

The advantages of HomeSpa

  • Instant switching between the traditional water saving and the circular rain shower.

  • Very fast water refreshment and also very efficient.
  • Easy to operate

  • Set your start temperature and shower timers.
  • Integrated cleaning processes.

Your bathroom made future proof

The Hamwells HomeSpa is a circular shower that is both comfortable and efficient.

The HomeSpa future-proofs your bathroom!