Enjoy great savings with the Hamwells HomeSpa

The HomeSpa has a circular rain shower. It uses every drop of water just a few times.

That allows for great savings on water and energy.

The HomeSpa uses about 1,4 liter per minute of hot tap water when in circular mode.

That is twice as efficient as a very efficient water saving shower head*

While you have the comfort of a large rain shower.

Since you need a lot less hot water you also save a much on energy.

Energy and water savings with the HomeSpa can be €200 per person per year, every year**

* Compared to for example the Nebia shower
** In The Netherlands

Arguably the most efficient

The HomeSpa is registered in the Energy Efficiency Database*.

Allowing you to calculate the efficiency of your house.

The HomeSpa** will significantly improve the efficiency of your house.

And save on the costs of your hot water infrastructure at the same time.

* For example Uniec2.2 database
** Only the HomeSpa 15 liter model is in the database

A smaller hot water infrastructure

With the HomeSpa your hot water infrastructure gets less complicated.

Since you are using very little water, you also don’t need to heat very much water.

Your family can, for example, shower from a small 50 liter electric water tank.

That saves so much energy that your technical installation can be smaller.

You don’t need a large heat pump or many solar panels.

That saves thousands of euro’s.

Our solutions for hot water

Tankless heater

This tankless electric water heater is made for Hamwells by Clage. This heater works very well as an additional heating unit. For example, you can pair this unit with a solar heating collectors or district heating. The heater using a limited amount of energy and can be connected to the same outlet as the HomeSpa.

Water tank

This electric water boiler is made by Remeha and exclusively distributed by Hamwells. This unit works very well together with the HomeSpa 15 liter per minute. The 50 liter storage allows you to shower limitless. This boiler works very well together with electric solar power or a small heat pump.