Easy to install, simple to use

The HomeSpa offers a traditional hand shower and the circulair rain shower.

Use the hand shower to wash yourself.

The circulair shower offers a comfortable wellness shower experience.

Easy to install

The HomeSpa is easy to install.

It is shipped with all parts needed, so you can start right away.

Installation assistance

Additionally, we offer our installation assistance service.

We tick the preflight boxes.

We make sure all connections are in order.

And of course we explain all details about the HomeSpa.


Press the large button to start or stop your HomeSpa. Turn the button to set the temperature.

The microfilter blocks hairs. This filter is easy to remove and place thanks to the magnetic sealing.

The touch buttons a there to setup your HomeSpa. Do you want to start with the hand shower or the rain shower? What should the temperature be? Of course you can also set the default on the cleaning programs and shower timers.

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