9 X used, 90% saved.

A crystal clear experience

FreshCycles filter, purify and use a water drop about 9 times.
This means a drop spends about 14 seconds on your body.

After every session, the e-Shower self-cleans and drains completely, flushing the filter in the process. Every next user will have a crystal clear experience.

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FreshCycles in 7 steps

1. The water is collected in the mini-reservoir.
2. Fresh water is continuously added to keep the water warm.
3. Excess water is continously drained to keep the water fresh.
4. The microfilter blocks hair and dirt.
5. The special pump absorbs the water from the mini-reservoir.
6. The UVC lamp purifies the water.
7. The process is repeated. Every drop is used about 9 times

After use, the system will self-clean and drain completely.
Every next user will have a crystal clear experience.

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The e-Shower cleans itself with (organic) vinegar. This is dispensed from the reservoir. There are 3 intelligent cleaning programs:

1. Quick clean (after every use): cold flush without vinegar.
2. Smart clean (daily): cold flush with vinegar, soaking the reservoir, the filter and the pump.
3. Deep clean (weekly): hot flush with vinegar, soaking all modules.

The vinegar is odourless and safe.

Award-winning innovation

The e-Shower combines countless patented innovations to guarantee safe and hygienic use. From the ultra-quiet pump to the single-pipe system, it is a paragon of high-tech innovation.

Before and after your shower

First Flush

The e-Shower uses the initial cold water to rinse the pipe and the filter.

Full Drain & Backwash

The e-Shower drains itself after use. The filter is backwashed.

During your shower


The pomp uses a microfilter to block hairs and skin cells.


A UV lamp purifies the water, killing virusses and bacteria.


The e-Shower uses every drop about 9 times. Excess water is drained.

Easy maintenance

You can easily clean the e-Shower. The filter, SmartStop or plug can be removed and rinsed under the tap. None of these parts have to be replaced.

Removable filter

The filter can be cleaned separately if needed.

Removable SmartStop

The SmartStop can be cleaned separately if needed.

Accesible reservoir

You can easily fill the reservoir with (organic) apple vinegar.

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