Heijmans ONE

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The movable home for single person households.

New horizons for sustainable buildings

Heijmans is a listed company with almost 6,500 employees that operates in property development, (non-) residential building, roads and civil engineering. Heijmans introduces a new concept of living to the market: Heijmans ONE. This special home offers opportunities to meet demands for qualitative and affordable rental housing, while at the same time solving a social issue: the shortages for affordable rental homes in the Netherlands. In 2015, they introduced e-Showers in their models.

Heleen Herbert

Chief Commercial Officer, Heijmans N.V.

“Heijmans cares about sustainability. With the Hamwells e-Shower we lower the energy usage of our fully electric Heijmans ONE, hence decreasing the costs of living. We also increase the end user’s comfort.”

The all electric challenge

The biggest challenge with an all electric house is the warm water supply. Since normal showers quickly deplete any electric heating system, shower time will inevitably be limited. But Heijmans wanted the users of the Heijmans ONE to be able to shower indefintely. Also, ambitious sustainability goals were set like the reusability and movability of the unit and of course: limited water and energy usage.

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A sustainable solution

By including the Hamwells e-shower in the ONE, Heijmans ensured the availability of warm water, regardless the length and frequency of showers. This means the costs are low, infrastructure can remain small and all equipment degratation is limited. No comfort is surrendered. And the sustainability goals are met with ease.

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The numbercruncher

Besides the big upgrade in comfort, the Hamwells e-Shower saves the Heijmans ONE user a lot of water & energy. Even with single occupancy. How much depends on the personal use of the shower.

Every year:

the water savings will be
30,347 liters
the electricity savings will be
789 kWh
the co2 savings will be
217 kilograms
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Circular solutions.

Pre-fabrication means the Heijmans ONE can be realized fast and placed within a day. The house can be easily transported on a lorry to the next destination. Besides this circular use of the Heijmans ONE, the homes are also extremely energy-efficient thanks to the solid wooden skeleton, the all-electric use, the generation of own energy and the Hamwells e-shower.

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