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Our comfort model, the e-Shower HomeSpa, proves that sustainability and joy can go hand in hand. Escape from the stress of everyday life, and enjoy an abundance of water that relax your body and mind. The e-Shower can be installed in any conceivable arrangement. The unit can easily be placed in the corner or against the wall. It can be built in the floor, in the wall or both. You can choose for a shower tray with mini-reservoir or only a mini-reservoir. Shower trays can be delivered in different sizes.

Wall model

Reservoir surface mounted

Reservoir embedded

Shower tray surface mounted

Shower tray embedded

Dimensions wall model (mm)

Corner model

Reservoir surface mounted

Shower tray surface mounted

Dimensions corner model (mm)

Available in 2 colors

Stainless steel column colors

RAL 9004

Signal black

RAL 9003

Signal white

Glass and cover colors

RAL 9004

Signal black


Traffic white

Frequently asked questions

  • Hygiene

    • Don't. The e-Shower will filter, replace (dilute) and purify it, but it will never be the shower experience we want you to have. However, the system will self-clean afterwards. So if it happens, no harm done.
    • Yes. Soaps and shampoos that enter the water will quickly be diluted during the FreshCycles. The coating of the pipes will ensure no soap or shampoo can stay behind. However, we advise to not use an abundance of bathroom products that use synthehic (foaming) ingredients, since excessive foam can in turn disrupt the circulation mode. Moreover, they tend to dehydrate skin and hair. A Google search for non-foaming shampoo's will yield you many alternatives.
    • Yes. The SmartStop contains a micro-filter that will block any hairs or stubs from entering the Refresh Cycles. Shaving cream that enters the water will quickly be diluted.
    • Very clean. The e-Shower uses only 3 litres of water, to which 1.5 litres is added every minute to keep the water nice and warm. Excess water is drained. Because we replace half of the water every minute, a water drop touches you 9 times on average.
  • Comfort

    • Yes. By a lot. A traditional shower gives around 10 litres per minute. The e-Shower delivers 15 liters a minute, to be upgraded to 30 liters per minute.
    • Yes. You can seamlessly switch between classic and FreshCycles, and the temperature will remain constant.
    • No. The FreshCycles allows you to use all kinds of soaps, shampoos and aromas.
  • Savings

    • You can go to the calculate your savings page and fill in your parameters.
    • You can go to the calculate your savings page and fill in your parameters. Choose the category that most resembles your business. For example, cruise ships resemble hotels.
    • Your break-even time depends on, among other factors, the cost of water and energy in your location, the number of showers you take and your preferred shower length. For an accurate estimate, go to the calculate your savings page and fill in your parameters and make sure to expand your results.
    • By using the water drops 9 times instead of draining them after 1 use. The e-Shower uses Refresh Cycles to filter, purify and replace the drops.
    • Heating water is the most expensive part of taking a shower. By re-using the water, and only adding extra hot water to keep the cycle warm, you can save up to 80% on the energy costs.
    • Hamwells will offer a mobile app compatible with all Apple iOS devices and Google Android devices, which enables you to track your water and energy savings. In addition, we will also offer an online application.
    • You can enter them yourself in the calculator.
    • No. This varies greatly from bathroom to bathroom, so we opted not to include it. For example, if you choose to integrate the shower within your wall and floor, a lot more installation costs will be involved.
    • No problem. You can still measure your savings by inserting the price you pay for water and electricity in the calculator.
  • Technology

    • Yes. You can compare it to a hot-tub, where the electronics are isolated from the water. Just like with a hot-tub, the Hamwells e-shower is completely safe.
    • It is discarded. Immediately after your session, the water is completely drained. Not one drop stays behind. The next user will start with a clean system and fresh water.
    • Please check the experiences page on which we will profile interesting cases.
    • When you start the FreshCycles, the SmartStop will isolate the drain from the reservoir. It then starts with fresh water. The FreshCycle technology will then (1) microfilter the water, (2) replace the water by supplementing new hot water (3) and purify the water with UV light.
    • By supplementing new, hot water from the available warm water source.
    • No. The pump takes care of the water pressure during FreshCycles. For the classic mode, you'll depend on the available water pressure.
    • The Hamwells e-Shower requires about 300W of power maximum at 240VAC, 50Hz. The e-Shower must be electrically connected to a residual current circuit breaker with a 30mA threshold.
    • No, there is no internal heater to heat up the water.
    • Yes.
    • The pillar uses powdercoated steel. The components include electronics, plastics and alluminium. The shower cover is made of hardened glass.
    • By pressing the central button.
    • Yes.
    • The e-Shower was designed, manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands at our partner VDL.
    • The tray is made out of durable fibre and can withstand up to 300 KG.
    • The e-Shower is new to the market, so we cannot guarantee a fixed lifetime. It is build with industrial grade pumps and materials to maximize this lifetime, and we've extensively tested and piloted the design. Usage frequency, water quality and other things influence the lifetime of the e-shower and the filter. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, we estimate it will last for 10 - 15 years.
    • Yes. The e-Shower uses a normal power outlet so if your home or business provides power with either batteries or generators, this is possible.
    • Yes. The technology of the Hamwells e-Shower, the SmartStop™ and the FreshCycle technology™ has multiple patents pending. The logo, brand name and labels are trademarked.
    • It's silent as a muted whisper. The e-Shower pillar is isolated with foam to prevent the pump hum from escaping.
  • Maintenance

    • Before every session, the initial cold water is used to rinse the system, the filter and the reservoir. During every session, the single pipe system is continously rinsed with purified water. After every session, the system is fully drained, the exiting water rinsing the filter and the reservoir again.
    • Like any shower, we advise you to clean the shower area regularly. The glass panel can be wiped with a soft cloth. The filter can be detached for extra rinsing.
    • Yes. The microfilter is attached with a magnet. You can easily detach it to clean under the tap or in the dishwasher.
    • Yes.
    • Maintenance is easy in a modular system like the e-Shower. The edge-to-edge glass door doubles as a maintenance cabinet: if parts need replacement, it is easily done. It is made with industrial materials with a long durability, so we expect very little maintenance. The UVC lamp will last for about 6000 shower hours - any the pump for many more. The other components should survive the e-Shower expected lifetime (10 years). Reserve €5,- a month, and you should be more than fine.
  • Installation

    • No. But if you want we can put on bigger shower heads for even more comfort.
    • No. A certified installer is able to do the job.
    • It depends on the rate of your installer. If you wish to completely integrate the shower in floor and wall, more work is needed. Your local installer can give you an estimate based on our manuals.
    • Included in the packaging upon delivery. You can request them in advance through our contact page.

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