Making showering sustainable

We are making showering sustainable. To realize this we offer the HomeSpa and Blue shower systems.

The HomeSpa is a high-tech shower column with two functions: a traditional shower head and our circulation shower head.

The Blue is a shower column with an integrated heat exchanger. Thus you use a lot less energy without compromising on comfort.

Discover the HomeSpa™


A powerful waterfall.
Independent of your waterpressure.



Save water and energy.
And reduce your hot water infrastructure.



Using our recirculating HomeSpa.
It’s as simple as taking a shower.

The future is here

The shower of the future is efficient and economical. However this doesn’t necessarily imply that your shower isn’t comfortable. You can also choose for the Hamwells HomeSpa or Blue. That’s the economics of enjoyment!

The Hamwells showering systems will make your bathroom futureproof.

Discover the HomeSpa